How Technology Has Changed The Process of Buying and Selling Real Estate

Today’s technology has proven to make the process of Buying and Selling real estate as seamless as possible. The professionals representing you (real estate agent, loan officer, attorney, title agent, etc…) have the tools they need to make for a speedy transaction. Things like the cloud, electronic filing, and e-sign systems allow for every document to always be available no matter the time and place. There is no doubt that purchasing or selling real estate has never been easier or faster. Below are some of the many reasons why:

Online Listings

  • Agents and Consumers have a slew of websites to search through for listings of every kind! Whether looking for residential or commercial sales or rentals, they are most likely all going to be online somewhere. Plus, websites such as Zillow, Trulia,, and private brokerage websites link to the MLS, leaving a transparent trail of available listings and data.

Mobile Apps

  • Online also means “at your fingertips” in today’s generation. Every major website has a mobile app. No matter what it is, There’s an App for That! Consumers can search for available homes using the app, which synchronizes new information about every 15 minutes right from your local MLS. Agents can search listings for you even while on the road with their MLS apps, which allow them to request showings and review all property details in seconds! Another great app for Buyers is the Mortgage Calculator by Quicken Loans which helps you determine an estimate of what your monthly mortgage amount would be, depending on purchase price, down payment, and interest rate.

Also, keep your eyes open for the upcoming launch of our new YES Real Estate App! Coming very soon!

Virtual Tours and Videos

  • Along with each online listing, something you may find besides pictures of the home will be a virtual tour or a link to a live video walk-through of the home. This gives the consumer the opportunity to see the home and its space before physically visiting it. This has become a very useful tool for those moving to a different city or state. It also gives buyers a better idea of the living space of the home and whether it can accommodate their needs.

E-signing Services

  • By far, e-sign has become one of the most time-efficient tools used in real estate today. Back in the day, it would take more than a day to execute an offer or contract due to scheduling and timing. Now, the consumer can e-sign their offer or contract documents right from the comfort of their home, or even while at work or on the road! E-sign systems are easy to use and mobile device friendly! This allows your agent the speed needed to put your offer first in line from the competition. It is perfectly legal, verifiable, and acceptable in a court of law. Even mortgage lenders are starting to implement e-sign for their applications and closing docs! This will be the next revolutionary step with out-of-town purchases and rentals!

Transparency and real-time Data

  • The beauty of online resources is that all the information is pulled from reputable and public sources and is set in real-time. Meaning, if a listing is no longer available, most websites it shows up on will be updated to show either a “Pending Sale” or “Closed” status.

Marketing at your fingertips

  • Marketing has never been so easy. With tons of aps to create high-def imaging, filters, collages, and fancy font, social media marketing has become the main source of advertisement! One post can lead an organic view in the thousands! Plus, people are more likely to “like” “comment” or “share” a photo of a listed home on social media than read or pass along a flyer or postcard they received in the mail.

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