Spring Is The Best Time To Buy or Sell!

Spring is a season for new beginnings! Flowers are blossoming, skies are clear and bright, and while some are focused on their Spring Cleaning, others are busy planning Graduation Celebrations. While we remain busy, another thing you may want to consider during the Spring is Buying a home, or Listing Yours For Sale!

For Buyers: The timing aligns with the new school year.

Parents are usually concerned about moving in the middle of their child’s school year due to the possibility of moving into a different school district. Changing schools mid-year is not ideal for any child and moving while juggling rides to school, extracurricular activities, and homework is not easy for any parent! The best time Buy a home is in April or May. You can look forward to closing between June and August, which give your family enough time to settle into your new home just before the new school year begins!

For Sellers: Buyers are getting serious and Competitive!

The seasons of Spring and Summer offer the real estate market a high inventory, more accurate price valuations, and a slew of competitive buyers that can end in a Biding War! This is most ideal for Sellers, who will have the chance to receive and review more offers and be picky as to which terms they are willing to accept. This also ensures selling your home at the highest price possible.

For Both Buyers and Sellers: The weather is beautiful!

There is no doubt that your home will look at its best when flowers are in bloom and the grass is green and lush. Let’s face it, buyers don’t typically want to go out and ‘house hunt’ when it’s raining or even gloomy out. With the clear spring skies and bright sun, your home is bound to be more appealing to the eye. Another great perk of the season is longer daylight time, which results in more buyers seeing your home, even after working hours.
If you’re thinking of Buying or Selling, you can find an agent by clicking Here.

Written by: Myrissa Leon

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