Who We Are and Why We Are

YES Real Estate Services is a different kind of Real Estate firm. When we began this endeavor in November of 2015 the goal was to move against the grain we see trending with a lot of our peers. Technology, while new and exciting, has created barriers. Miguel Salvat and Albert Yabor have always operated with an “Old School “mentality of putting people and relationships first.   Many companies have fallen in love with technology as the magic bullet to some of their challenges and in doing so created barriers between themselves and the very clients they wanted to reach. Add in young new agents who have relied mainly on technology communications and we create a cold process when it comes to creating one of the most important transactions in a person’s life. At YES the main goal is to create a culture of small company and family. We feel that remaining small and being purposeful about who we work with and how we operate allows us to remove some of the barriers between our own team members as well as the clients we want to service. “More Face Time Less Screen Time” is one of our in house sayings during our weekly meetings. The idea is to ingrain into our team that real relationships count more than ever and your reputation precedes you everywhere you go. In a day and age where everyone is a successful millionaire according to Social Media, we believe in having fun, not taking ourselves too seriously and letting our work do the talking for us. Currently our founders are ranked #53 and #75 Nationally according to NAHREP for Latino Real Estate Agents.

albertyabor miguel salvat miami agent magazine

Albert and Miguel as featured in Miami Agent Magazine Who’s Who 2016

Many firms are interested in COOL features; we believe in the 80/20 rule. Focus on the 20% of activities that will generate 80% of the results for our clients and use technology that assists in that effective 20% . Making your client a participant in every step of the process has been wildly successful for our founders and is something that is part of the everyday training for YES Agents. Our goal is to return to a simpler relationship between client and value provider in the Real Estate Industry and reducing the space that phones and computers have put between people. Communication is easier when people actually talk to each other and that is one of the building blocks of our company.

We hope you continue to follow our journey and read our company blogs as we will discuss major topics, interview interesting people in the South Florida Real Estate Industry, put a Spotlight on up and coming neighborhoods and delve deeper into the topics that matter to you. Welcome to the family, we hope to meet in person soon.



Albert Yabor, Miguel Salvat and the YES Real Estate Services Family